Saturday, 9 June 2007

Happy afloat

We´ve spent a couple of nice days at anchor in a pretty anchorage opposite a little island with a lighthouse, about 20 minutes from Puerto Alcudia. The first night some little shrimps kept us awake with their nibbling sounds, which sound a bit like an electrical fire starting - luckily we were told what it made the sound so now we sleep easily.
Right now we´re having a new forestay installed, which means that we can actually do some sailing this afternoon. Tomorrow we´ll take the day off and get a bit of rest. The launch day especially was very hectic with us getting up at 6am to check that the engine would start.
We´ve had another visit from Dave and Fran and went through all the ropes, instruments etc - great help, thanks guys.
We also had a bit of an adventure in our dinghy: we found out how far you can go on a tank of fuel by running out of petrol just as the afternoon sea breeze stiffenend. Luckily, we could row over to the marina fuel dock at Alcudiamar and fill our little jerry can next to an enormous power boat.

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Gordon said...

Great news that you are now on the move although you should be careful about having enough fuel on board the dingy.Who knows where you might have ended up? Having a bit more sunshine here and a bit warmer.How does the boat's engine run? Have an easy day tomorrow.