Thursday, 14 June 2007

Anchor´s aweigh

Very soon. Tomorrow, in fact.
The anchor windlass took two days longer than expected to repair and reinstall, but all is in place now. New halyards have been reeved, VHF radio installed and we even managed to pick up a bargain secondhand folding bike. So, all things being equal, we should be weighing anchor and setting sail tomorrow at last.
Our intention is to head clockwise around the island, but we´ll see what the wind is doing when we get out of the bay here.
We just helped a new friend move his boat from the mooring next to where we´re anchored to the boatyard where her motor will be hoisted into her tomorrow morning, so now it´s time for sangria and tapas to celebrate what we hope will be our last evening in Puerto Alcudia.


Kristina said...

Thi is great news! Finally you can sail where ever the wind will take you :) I guess the sangria is better and cheaper than the on at Dominick's


jose said...

hi guys

i'm cutting my europe trip a bit short; i'll be in sevilla tomorrow afternoon (saturday) through monday night. basically i have saturday night and all of sunday free. i'm in madrid on tuesday and i fly home (earlier than expected) on wednesday. exhaustion from all of my travel this month and the need to pack up and mov house are why. maybe we'll still meet up in sevilla, but it looks doubtful right now, yeah?

i hope all is well, -- jose

Penny said...

Congrats! Glad to hear that all your hard work is coming to fruition. Happy sailing.

Love, Mum

Ken said...

Good luck when you set sail guys...

Paul said...

Hi Jim and Sonja,
I did email you to thank you for everything with the dock box - not sure if you are getting emails thes days. However, I am very envious that you are finally sailing away. I am still working on installing new halyards and also some other issues. However, good luck with your trip! Paul