Monday, 18 June 2007

Greetings from Porto Colom

We´ve had a lovely few days sailing so far and have progressed around the island to Porto Colom. Quite a busy spot, compared to the lonely calas where we spent the last couple of nights.
Immediately after our previous post, we had the tapas and sangria and then found that a bit of a blow had started while we were in the restaurant. It was an incredibly wet ride back to the boat, with waves washing right over the dinghy! Our friend´s small boat dragged her anchor towards the rocks, but not all the way, thank goodness.
Our first sail was very tranquilo, the second rather brisk (force 6) and the third simply delightful. Had our first dolphins along for a bow-ride yesterday while the self-steering vane was guiding us along to our present anchorage.
Not sure where we´ll stop next. Maybe Isla de Cabrera, maybe Formentera.
Thanks for the comments - we´ll try to get some more photos up soon.


Penny said...


Quite a mixed bag of experiences - nothing new there then!! Glad that your friends' boat didn't go all the way into the rocks. Happy sailing.


Karen said...

Hey there,

finally took some proper time to check out all your posts and photos. Looks and sounds great! It seems like it was quite a big job getting everything ready for the trip (longer than you thought?), but you enjoyed yourselves as well! Glad you've set off properly now and wish you a great trip. Still hope to join you at some point. Because of money (we'll soon be officially broke) and time constraints, how about one of the last parts in Scotland? Well, we'll see what happens.

Martin and Karen