Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Chilling in Cartagena

We are now in the ancient, beautiful and very interesting city of Cartagena, the latest in our series of random stops, dictated by wind and weather. It was a long beat over here from Santa Pola with a Force 6 dead against us most of the night, plus unfavourable current, tunny nets and fish farms. 125 nautical miles to travel a distance of 65, but never mind, Biscay is looming ahead and it´s useful to know that all systems are in a good state of preparedness.
While we were in Santa Pola, we learned that the salt marshes there are a year-round haunt of flamingos. So, we went to have a look and, sure enough, there was one standing in the classic flamingo pose (photo to follow).
Here in Cartagena, we can hear the squawking of peacocks from the boat - there´s a beautiful park around the castillo where there are many of them. We even saw a pea-chick for the first time.
We have decided to stop a couple of nights here, since the town is so interesting and the marina relatively cheap, so we´re having a bit of R&R.


Marc said...

Sonja, you're a born travelogue. Keep up the good work!

Stefanie said...

Hello there! It's been great to follow your journey! We love the pictures!! Keep on posting them :-)
Enjoy your sailing adventure.
Steffi, Kai, Leo and Amy