Saturday, 23 June 2012

The end of the world

Cabo Finisterre
We were aiming for Camariñas when we left Muros this morning and there was no reason to suppose we wouldn't make it. True, we could have got off to an earlier start, but for another infernal all night disco fiesta disturbing the peace of the night before. 1000 wasn't bad, considering, and the forecast of light northwesterlies promised a pleasant if long day's sailing.

Long story short, it wasn't to be. The light northwesterly turned into a F6 on the nose around Finisterre and a rough ETA of 2300 was enough to convince us to pull in behind the sheltering arm of the western tip of mainland Europe.

Tomorrow, after all, is another day.

Fisterra village and the cape from the east
Early morning dolphin visit
View from the anchorage at Ensenada del Sardiñeiro
PS. We did make it to Camariñas the next day and had to motor all the way over a glassy sea. The difference a day makes! The anchorage at Ensenada del Sardiñeiro was well worth stopping, even though we had to endure yet another night of beach disco disruption - ear plugs did the job.

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