Friday, 22 June 2012

Operation clean-up

Looking back on Muros from the hills above.

The charms of Muros are holding us here yet. Chief amongst them must be the shelter of anchorage as the days have alternated fair with foul and we've sat out a couple of good blows along with heavy rain. We continue to enjoy the town as well and have come across an outstanding eaterie - the 'Nueva Escocia' - which appears to be simply a room in the owner's house with 4 or 5 small tables where he does everything himself, down to hand-cooking the crisps.

For months we've been on the lookout for a good tidal drying berth to give Fettler's grassy hull a proper clean and a fresh coat of antifouling paint. This too Muros has provided and two days of good weather with convenient tide times gave us the window we needed to get the job done. A subsequent jaunt all the way up the ria to Noia showed off the fruits of our labour as a good knot and a half has been restored to the vessel's speed. Unfortunately, there was no good shelter to be found at Noia so we returned to Muros for the night.

Bearded lady. The growth was slowing us down too much.
How we missed Joe and his pressure washer!
Clean again! Now for the paint...
Smooth as a baby's. Ready to fly through the water again.
The forecast for the next few days is looking good for rounding Finisterre, so we might just take advantage of it.

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