Sunday, 1 August 2010

In summary


Ilya said...

I've read through your blog with utmost delight! Keep on cruising,

Ilya, s/y "Blowfish"

TonyD said...

Came across your blog by a link in your friend Paul's in the Bluemoment site. You've kept me company for the last 4 hours and very enjoyable it was. Most of the Rassy to the Med blogs seem interchangeable but yours seemed fresh and novel - it also reflected my own interests. I've got my own old (1969) boat functioning at last and intend to head North up the East Coast and then across to Scottish West Coast during 2011 for a thorough explore. Maybe 2012 would be the year for the Azores Jester. So thanks again for your very enjoyable blog and thanks for the information contained as well. regards Tony D