Sunday, 1 August 2010

Thrice stormbound

Our summer cruise got off to a memorable start with the arrival of a Force 10. We managed to install ourselves nicely in an anchorage opposite the Caledonian Canal entrance on the Friday afternoon and then were stormbound there for two entire days, with no chance of going ashore. Our holiday library took quite a big dent, we got plenty of sleep and a few small jobs (like polishing up the paraffin heater) were attended to.

Our first storm anchorage, before things turned ugly.

Then we had a small window of opportunity and used it for a long, hard beat out of Loch Linnhe and into the Sound of Mull, to tranquil Loch Aline. However, there was to be no let-up and the next day we tucked ourselves away in a corner of Loch Drumbuie in preparation for a Force 9.

Stormbound for the second time, for another two days, in beautiful Loch Drumbuie. At least here we managed to get some nice walks in, between rain showers.

In Loch Drumbuie, we also met up with some fellow Corinthians, on Evening Star, and in the end the weather did turn glorious for a bit.

The next morning we motored out to Ardnamurchan Point in poor visibility, only to be hit by a Force 6 on the nose and had to beat around the point going north. Not fair! We were expecting something unpleasant to turn up we'd already seen the big Dutch boat that left Drumbuie 15 minutes before us heading back after deciding they didn't fancy it. However, by the time we reached the Small Isles all was fair again, some dolphins came out to bow ride and Canna, our destination, was just beautiful. We stayed there for three days, while another gale came through - this time only a Force 8 though!

Gorgeous Canna Harbour, our haven in our third gale in eight days

The crew of Evening Star on Fettler

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