Saturday, 19 May 2007

Wood working

We´ve settled into a good working routine now. No more lazy mornings, with a post-noon start. Now, it´s breakfast at 0800, a quick coffee at the bar over the road and then down to business. We typically break for lunch around 1300 and then for a coffee and beer between 1500 and 1600. The temperature then goes down a bit and it´s quite pleasant to work on until 1900 or 2000.
The varnishing is well in hand. A couple more days will see the brightwork done, only the cockpit gratings, which have needed numerous small repairs, will still be outstanding. Then there´s the antifouling, deck painting, mast and boom. A full schedule, but steady good weather and a full-time commitment to the job should get it all done within the next 2 weeks.
We´ve also met a couple of the other boat-owners in the yard and have a bit of a social scene together. Very pleasant, but still eagerly anticipating getting the boat in the water and sailing away.
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Duff said...

Thought you might like to know that Vagabond is on her way to Cleveland. I spoke with the new owners this morning as they were leaving.
At the rate I'm going Fettler will be launched before Matlow!

Ken said...

Hi guys, good to see normal boat maintenance practise resuming in Brodie-land. Was the boat as expected, per the pictures/spec etc?

sailfettler said...
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sailfettler said...

Duff - great to hear from you!
It is good news that Vagabond is out on the water again. I thought Matlow was more or less ready to drop in the water when we left??

Hey Ken! Yes, boat as expected. Even better, in fact. So much useful stuff aboard. Once we have the exterior maintenance work completed, it won´t be long before we´re back in the water.

Gordon said...

Hi Jim and Sonja:Sounds great that things are moving along.Your weather sounds great we could use some it here. Good that you have established a routine now as I am sure that you could become used to a siesta-time.Just wish that I could be there maybe even giving a helping hand.Just keep on pushing and it won't be long until she is launched.