Monday, 14 May 2007

Day trippers

Yesterday, Domingo, was our day of rest. The boatyard was closed, so we declared it wash day and got the week’s laundry done and dried on the lifelines pretty rapidly. Chatted with another British boat-owner doing a bit of maintenance on his vessel and gratefully accepted his offer of a cold can of Coke. I then hit on the happy idea of improving it a little with a shot of the Mallorcan rum we discovered amongst the multitude of useful items on board Fettler. All concerned were satisfied with the result.
Yesterday was also our last full day with the rental car, so we went exploring a bit in the afternoon. The old walled market town of Alcudia was a delight. It’s the usual mediaeval scene of narrow winding streets and a very tough-looking outer wall, complete with dried-up moat. Not sure who built it. The Moors, possibly, or the people after the Moors who wanted to keep the Moors from coming back. It was the middle of a scorching day, so people and animals on the move tended to cleave to the shade, while others simply lay in a stupor.
From there, we headed for the coast along the bay of Pollensa, rugged and beautiful with mountains to either side. The water temperature is still brisk, but pleasant in this heat. After a refreshing dip, we took a little stroll inland, through some forest and towards the mountains. No assaults on any summits were attempted, however, our water supply and footwear being inadequate for the task.
The cool of the evening was spent in the cockpit, gazing across the bay, with a bottle of tinto at our side.
Today – work.

There´s a couple of new photos on earlier posts as well.

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