Saturday, 12 May 2007

On Mallorca time

Not that we mind, you understand, but things here have to be done at a certain pace.
First of all, we´ve been finding it difficult to get anything of consequence accomplished before noon. Get up, take a bucket and scoop shower, air-dry in the sun. Get a fresh baguette. Have a cup of tea. Put up the cockpit awning, before the sun reaches its terrible zenith. Wander across to the bar over the road for a cup of coffee and use of the loo. Oh! It´s noon already.
Never mind, everybody needs to relax sometimes.
We spoke to the owner of the boatyard a couple of days ago, about the jobs we´ve got planned for Fettler, and he agreed to order the materials we need. Then he went somewhere else, not to return until Monday. Of course, nobody else in the yard seems to know anything about said materials so, mañana mañana, we´ll get it done.
The chaos belowdecks has been sorted, at least. We´ve talked to a rigger about checking the standing rigging and getting a new forestay to replace the roller furling, and one of the sails is at the sailmakers, being converted back from roller furling to hank-on. It´s had an interesting life, that sail.
We have the rental car until Monday, so took a drive along the spectacular northwestern coastline this evening and plan to explore a bit more tomorrow.
Photos soon, I promise.
The dolce vita, or vida dulce...
Buenas noches.


R.B. said...

dang, man, but that is straight up old school business there. old men with their faces in their hats, all recoiling from the weight of the sun, all “come back later, senor,” keeping a frosty one handy in case of a refreshment emergency. a man could get used to that on a daily or biweekly basis. a man could straight up adopt those principles to his daily living.

sailfettler said...

Honoured to receive your comment!