Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tandem tour 4

Josselin Castle

The hats are coming out as it's getting colder
Day 7. The weather's still holding dry, for which we are suitably greatful. It is getting colder though and as we progress northwards it's obvious that we're moving back through the season, earlier spring flowers appearing as we go.

The wildlife spotting has been good, with deer, kingfishers and muskrats (including very cute babies)appearing regularly.

Long day today. We left the Velodyssey trail along the canal after about 60km, when it turned into a bit of a quagmire. There were more hills to climb away from the canal but the route was also more direct.

We've ended up in a small hotel in the non-touristy town of Rostrenen. Friendly staff. Here's the exciting part though - for the first time on the trip, we have access to a bath tub. This is going to be great!

Nice property along the canal