Thursday, 21 March 2013

Off-topic tandem tour news

On the road at last

We've finally grasped the nettle and shoved off on the big tandem ride to England.

Now two days and around 200 km in and it's so far, so good. We left Mortagne yesterday morning, just after a heavy rain shower and then had sun for pretty much the whole day. We holed up in a Formule 1 budget hotel for the night, which was cheap but right next to the motorway.

Corme Royal

Joining the Velodyssey route near St Agnant
Today, we had rain for 4 or 5 hours, which made for less fun riding, but the wind was from behind.
The cycle route is well marked, even if it varies widely in quality. We've had everything from smoothly paved off road track to unimproved muddy lane and even a section closed completely, making a detailed map essential equipment.

Chatelaillon plage

Through La Rochelle
Tonight we're treating ourselves to a more expensive but very nice chambre d'hote (les trois J in Jard-sur-mer - highly recommended). The proprietors invited us in for aperetifs and filled us up with delicious snacks and no doubt the breakfast will be equally superb (it was, we even got home-baked cake packed for the road).

The forecast looks reasonable for tomorrow and we're feeling in good shape, though tired. 10 hours of sleep should do the trick. We'll add photos after we get back. Travelling light means having only the Kindle for blogging. Night night...


Marc said...

Now THAT sounds like fun. Unlike your harrowing boat passages, reading this made me wish I was right there with you.

ant or kay said...

The photo of you both riding is great. Captures the Jim and Sonja essence. Superb trip!