Monday, 23 July 2012

Go slow

Managed wetland
Sluice gates down
Still swinging on the hook in Ortigueira, kept here by the beauty of the location, shelter of the anchorage and a spell of easterly winds. This is a spot with plenty to offer though and it's only after about a week in place that we feel we're starting to get a proper feel for it. There are surprisingly few visiting boats here. There hasn't been more than 4 at any one time and most seem to stop a night or two at the most.

Half tide
Much of the ria is only navigable for vessels with under a metre draught, which makes it ideal for exploring by canoe. Our preferred tactic is to canoe to some spot where we can hike from and get a bit deeper into the surroundings.

She only wanted to chew my sandals, not say hello.
In the belfry
From the belfry
Pearls of wisdom
Pozo de Inferno (a pretty mild vision of the inferno)
Castelo de Cason
The interior
When we're not exploring, it's good to come into the local bar/cafe/internet place and get caught up online. A great thing in Galicia (and hopefully other parts of Spain as well) is the very civilised tradition of offering a small snack with the beer. This place, the Alameda, is particularly generous. With a caƱa (about 300ml of draught lager), you get a bowl of crisps and a pincho, a small plate of whatever their tapa of the day is - zorza, paella, what have you. Thus, after a couple of beers, one has also eaten well and cheaply.

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