Wednesday, 18 May 2011

All stations go

In Burntisland. Note the new non-skid deck paint! (Photo: A. Black)
It's becoming clear to us why probably 99% of those who dream of taking off over the horizon don't get beyond the dreaming stage. What an effort to get everything ready and go! However, all appears to be in hand as we enter the final phase of packing up the flat and finish fettling the vessel. One thing is sure as daith (as Parahandy would say): our metaphorical house will be well in order after all this.

Taking Pinkerton (the cat) away to his new home (Dad's) was a tough one, as we knew and dreaded it would be. Obviously the clearing of the flat is easier without him about but something of the soul of the place is definitely missing now. Still, it's good to know that he and Dad are going to be keeping each other company and it's already clear that he's settling in well.

It's all go go go, but we have at least managed to get Fettler out of the harbour 3 times and put her through her paces in some of the ridiculously strong winds that have been blowing here for several weeks now. There's no sign yet of this weather pattern breaking, but so long as the wind remains westerly we'll have a fine time on our way down the east coast.

New sprayhood! (Photo: A. Black)

The new Fettler Stove is installed and operational. The first test firing was going beautifully until the buildup of heat in the stove chamber actually melted the soldered joint to the vapourising tubes. A visit to the Broomhall Boatbuilding workshop was required to rebuild the stove itself and to modify the chamber (extra holes, mainly, and stove paint). Now all is well, though I have taken the extra precaution of adding a heat barrier (soldering mat) between the burner and the stove body.

Brew's up! (Photo A. Black)


ant or kay said...

Beautiful boat. Hey, nice photos!

Victoria Martin said...

Ahoy Ant or Kay!

Marc said...

Stay safe out there. We look forward to your tales.