Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Let there be light

100th post on Fettler's Voyages!

A silly little job before bed.
When we were getting the mast ready to go back on the boat, I remembered noticing towards the end of last season that the steaming light wasn't working. A look inside the housing revealed corroded terminals and the multimeter showed the bulb was gone as well. New spade terminals were easily sorted so that just left the bulb.

No problem, right? Incandescent festoon bulb, quick visit to the auto parts shop, all well.
Not quite as simple as that. The bulb ends had dimples rather than the pointed ends on all the bulbs in the shop. Now, I could have raked around online and found a direct replacement, or...

Unfortunately the multimeter is on the boat, so I've no idea if the bulb survived the soldering process. We'll see tomorrow.

Update: According to the multimeter, the bulb should still work!

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Marc said...

Congratulations on 100 posts of gorgeous photography and harrowing tale-spinning. Here's to 100 more!