Saturday, 19 September 2009


Our programme of late season sailing continues with a visit to the monkish island of Inchcolm. We had hoped to get a little further afield this weekend, but the weather hasn't been quite right for it, so we decided instead to do a bit of local pottering.
Inchcolm has been in our sights for some time so we decided yesterday to make the short hop across there and anchor up for the night.
The island, with the remains of its ancient abbey and more recent wartime fortifications is well worth a visit of several hours, particularly if you have the good fortune of arriving just as the last tourist boat of the day pulls out.

Apart from a mercifully brief visit by a disco boat, the peace of a thousand years' monastic contemplation pervaded the island and anchorage overnight and in the morning we were awakened by the sound of a seal splashing round the boat. A gem of a mini-cruise.


Jill said...

Just caught up on your blog - your photos are amazing! Sure wish we could journey with you for some of your adventures, although I'm afraid I'm not brave enough to say I would like to join you for all of them! Sail safe, you two!

sailfettler said...

Thanks Jill. Obviously we would be delighted to have you along. As you rightly surmise though, there are times when having more than two on board would be tricky!