Sunday, 13 September 2009

Fidra weekend

After a rather damp and windy August, a weekend of great weather has finally come to the residents of central Scotland. We seized the opportunity to take off on an overnighter to the island of Fidra (we had intended to go a bit further, to Dunbar, but the wind packed in..). It was a very gentle sail out there in the warm autumn sun, a peaceful night and quite a thrilling beat back upriver into a stiff breeze the following morning.

On the approach
Glassy smooth (we were motoring by this time).

The light
An important beacon in the Forth. When the keepers lived there, all was beautifully maintaned and included an extensive vegetable garden. Today only the light itself is looked after.

Looking south

The bay at sunset
You can just see the light up to the right.

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