Thursday, 26 June 2008

Peeling out

Looks like we'll be shifting on for the Clyde this afternoon.
Have been busy updating our posts right back to the Azores with photos and even a video clip, so be sure to check all the way back to 'Fettling'!
Smashing place, Peel. We've visited the Isle of Man before and were really keen to return. Not disappointed.
The early night failed to materialise last night, after we met a very nice and interesting couple at the pub here. We got chatting and went first back to their beautiful house for coffee, cakes and homemade damson and sloe gin before repairing to the vessel for a nightcap of Azorean aguardente.
Wish we could linger...


ant or kay said...

Jim, Sonja. Great photos. It looks romantic, exciting and liberating.......!


Penny said...

The words exciting & idyllic come to mind. I know you will be enjoying every minute of your adventure especially the spine tingling ones like having a whale spout right next to you, etc., etc. I love reading all about it and now seeing the pictures as well....fantastic. Take care, love, Mum.