Monday, 30 June 2008

Canal cruise

We had a lovely time on the Caledonian Canal this weekend after what has been the most challenging and toughest leg of the trip so far - involving the topping lift coming loose and wrapping itself around the mast, necessitating a trip up the mast at sea; a near collision with a fishing boat; going through tidal gates in fog and rain; engine breakdown; a winch handle overboard and a snapped radar stay. Our levels of endurance were tested beyond limits! Full account to follow.

I had to leave the boat at Fort Augustus to return to work, but luckily our friend Martin is helping Jim to sail Fettler to Inverness today. The lads are sailing on Loch Ness as I type with a nice southwesterly breeze pushing them across the loch. The Canal is truly beautiful and it's been a tonic looking at the amazing scenery while making our way across. Next weekend our plan is to pick the boat up in Inverness and sail the rest of the way to Granton.

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Penny said...

After hearing of the "Change of Plan" and now the trials that you have had to face I am sure that you will be glad to get Fettler to her home mooring. It sounds like the 'tricky' waters & weather around the UK have lived up to their reuptation yet again....glad that things worked out okay but a stressful period nonetheless....looking forward to having you both in Edinburgh again soon & will see you for lunch some time. Glad that Martin was available to come aboard & help out especially as you have had to come back for work. Take care, love, Mum