Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Go west!

We´re making slow progress along the southern Portuguese coast, due to the Nortada (which bends around to the west as it passes Cape St. Vincent). This singularly unhelpful wind blows against us at force 5-7 every afternoon, severely limiting westward progress.
We´re now in Portimao, having picked up Jeff here this morning. Just had a truly excellent meal of grilled fresh-caught sardines and will make a couple of short, early morning, hops along the coast over the next few days to avoid traumatising our guest too severely.
After that, it looks like we´ll have to sail to the Azores, to avoid the true Nortada, swell and current which would all make heading north up the Portuguese coast a serious trial. Instead, it´ll be west until we pick up the southwest trades which we can then ride up to the south coast of the UK or Ireland.
In the meantime, all continues well. We exited the delightful Guadiana on Saturday last, stopped in Faro and then made an unscheduled stop in Albufeira after one of the bolts holding on Nanette´s quadrant on sheared off, making a marina stop for repair necessary. Odd, legoland-type marina and expensive, but pleasant and got the job done without fuss.
More photos to follow, so be sure to review the last several posts when we get them up.

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Joerg said...

Hi Jim and Sonja!

It's taken awhile to finally say "hello"! I'm enjoying your Blog and reading about your wonderful adventures. Sonja, I've lost your email. Could you send me it again? I would love to send you updates on Oli. He's now 3 months. I think of you guys often and hope you are enjoying the fresh seawater air!

Ann, Joerg, and Oli