Sunday, 22 July 2007

Ambling in the Algarve

This is the first morning in a week that the wind hasn't been howling and very pleasant it is too. Last couple of days we've experienced cold for the first time on this trip. Even bought thick woolly jumpers.
Forgot to mention in the last post that we logged our thousandth mile on Fettler some time on the approach to Albufeira. One of the photos up for that post shows me cockling at Alvor. The lovely hand-drawn charts left us by Dave and Fran indicated 'good cockles at LW' and so there were. The sands there are teeming with them and it was short work for the three of us to gather a pint or so of very tasty little shellfish.
It's been a great stop here in Lagos. Got a lot of things done and enjoyed the town but now looking forward to getting back out there and anchoring up at Sagres (also the home of our favourite Portuguese beer).
Jeff's been a model guest. No trouble, doesn't take up much space and is more than willing to do the washing up.
The signs are looking auspicious for the Azores run starting early next week, so our next post may well be from San Miguel.


Kristina said...

It looks fantastic. Can I been myself over?

paula said...

I have been following your news avidly and can't wait for the next act! Missing the rest of the Iberian Coast but much better sailing ahead to look forward to, I guess. And the Acores are beautiful. Known for their 4 seasons in one day. The islands dairy products are of the best quality. Pico (peak) has the highest peak (Pico) of Portugal. ha ha ha! Most excellent journey! May the winds be in your favour throughout the Atlantic and beyond. P&M