Friday, 21 June 2013

Idling on the Alde

Shingle all the way

We're enjoying a lovely little Suffolk holiday. The perfect peace and tranquillity of the Alde is a real tonic and there are are bends in the river to provide shelter from any wind, with good soft mud to grab the anchor.

View from Slaughden Sailing Club
The good folk of the Slaughden Sailing Club, in Aldeburgh, have welcomed us with open arms, giving us the run of their showers and wifi, not to mention cups of tea and the odd brownie. Very reminiscent of our own Corinthian crowd back in Edinburgh, actually. A real treat.

Tranquil anchorage in the upper Alde
Moot Hall, Aldeburgh
We nearly left yesterday morning but were held back by a sudden deterioration in the forecast, plus waking up to a wind direction that definitely didn't match up with expectations. The way things worked out, we could have departed and motored overnight to Lowestoft, but why would we want to do that? If we have to be stuck anywhere, waiting for weather (sound familiar?), let it be here.

We have constantly to remind ourselves that the only deadline we're working to is self-imposed. There's no need to hurry, taking any borderline forecast that comes our way. It's a very good exercise in patience.

North Sea fishing boat on Aldeburgh beach

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