Friday, 10 May 2013

Pointe of departure

Fishing boats in Lesconil at HW-1
Port La Foret was a very useful stop. Great for picking up some extra provisions, getting an enormous load of washing done and gathering intelligence on the harbours ahead. An English couple, locally based, informed us that the harbour (Loctudy) we had planned for our next stop is currently closed for dredging, but that there are new pontoons and a new, welcoming (to yachts) attitude at the formerly hardcore fishing harbour of Lesconil (our 2011 Reeds says that yachts will only be accepted in case of emergency!). That gave us the ideal staging post to time our arrival with tide and current at Audierne.

Strange creatures washed up on the beach
Sadly defunct
Snug Audierne harbour
The forecast was showing pretty clearly that we would want to be tucked up in Audierne by Tuesday and that our stay was likely to be a longer one than usual. A deepening low, bound for Ireland, threatened 'very high' seas. In the meantime, almost no wind, from behind, meaning a good day's motoring to Audierne. Rather frustrating, therefore, to observe a fleet of super light super fast racing yachts wiping the floor with us as we chugged along, lacking enough air to even fill the genoa. Our sail wardrobe would definitly benefit from the addition of a large, lightweight nylon drifter.

Spring has reached this coast
Bar-tailed godwit and harem on the beach
The empty beach east of Audierne
Dolphin corpse, an unusual sight
Memorial to fishermen lost at sea, the last one in 2006
Notre Dame de Roscudon in Pont-Croix
Marlinspike House? Up the Goyen river
Breakwater at the river entrance to Audierne

The gloomy forecast was right on the money and the plan has worked out. We've been enjoying a snug berth in Audierne while the seas build outside. It's a pretty town with splendid coastline either side and some amazing beaches too. I also managed to repair the tiller pilot - a welcome suprise!

Now, we wait and watch the weather for the moment to move on Ireland. The way the forecast is looking at the moment, however, we might end up ascending the Channel after all. No window in sight.

Caught out: landlubbers
Nice use of an old fishing boat
Trez Goarem
Marginal moorings at Loc'h
The Raz de Sein, with Ile de Sein just visible in the distance
The Pointe du Raz

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