Sunday, 20 May 2012

Idling up the ria

Sunset at Baiona 
Broken toilet seat repaired
Just a short update by email since we only have Kindle internet access here.
It has been serious rest and relaxation since we anchored off the
village of San Adrian, in the Ensenada de San Simon.

The anchorage at San Adrian, with mussel boats in foreground
Despite being near the motorway it is a peaceful spot. There's not a
lot to do ashore, so we've been catching up on sleep while it rains
outside and occasionally venturing ashore to stroll a bit and visit
the harbour bar.

The village of San Adrian
Traditional grain store
Wonderfully protected anchorage - easily the best since we left the
UK. A nice gentle introduction to the delights of Galicia.

Talking of delights: local smoked cheese
And another fine cheese of Galicia

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