Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter island

Easter on board! Eggs decorated with the Roede Orms.
Hopefully no one will mind seeing yet more photos from Graciosa!

Over Easter, this normally sleepy island was transformed into a noisy, crowded(ish) party place as fery load after ferry load of tourists were deposited. Happily, most of the visitors simply spread around the beaches, leaving the volcano tops to the more intrepid. We took the opportunity to complete our collection of Graciosan volcanoes.

The largest and least climbing-friendly.
View from the big one.
We climbed one of the peaks a second time with the Roede Orms to enjoy the view at sunset:

Great visibility, great light - Alegranza in the distance.
Sonja and the Orms.
We were hoping for a green flash but no dice.
And moonrise...
Der Mond ist aufgegangen.
Still waiting for the right Madeira wind. Maybe this week, maybe not. Anyway, we've given the hull another clean and will be ready to go when the moment comes. Sadly, the Roede Orms are feeling the pressure of their homeward bound deadline and sailed/motored north yesterday. We hope to catch them up again in Madeira.

It's Easter Sunday and the island is getting back to normal, the crowds departing and last night was peaceful once more. Happy Easter!

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