Monday, 19 March 2012

Stormbound in Lanzarote

Not the most scenic, but safe - Puerto Naos.
Experimental post here - first time posting by email from the Kindle. Will add photos when possible.

Unfortunately we were turfed out of our snug corner in Arrecife to make way for a regatta happening over the weekend. Unfortunate because that's where we had planned to sit out the current spell of heavy weather.

It was already blowing 30 knots from the north east when we sailed off the mooring, which made for a fun beat the couple of miles up the coast to Puerto Naos. The setting is more industrial, anchored as we are right next to the container terminal, but the holding is excellent. Just as well really, since it has been blowing so hard we didn't even venture ashore yesterday. The volcanic dust borne on the wind has turned every windward surface on the boat a vile brown so there's a big cleanup operation in store.

According to the forecast it should start easing down tomorrow, so we should be able to resume our exploration of the island then.

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