Friday, 10 February 2012

La isla bonita

The usual 'marina from above' shot: Tazacorte
It's been a good stay in Tazacorte. We had planned to be off after just one week, but the favourable forecast suddenly deteriorated as we were confronted with the first gale force weather since our arrival in the Canaries back in November. It so happened that this was pretty much the best spot in the archipelago to sit out the weather, coming from the northeast as it was, so sit it out we did. No hardship, mind you! There is ample hiking to keep a body occupied for many weeks.

Church square in El Paso
Ancient petroglyphs, created by the island's
original inhabitants (pre-Spanish conquest),
outside El Paso
Caldera frog
Inside the Caldera de Taburiente
The multi-coloured waterfall

On the Route of the Volcanoes
Emerging from the clouds
Volcan Martin
Another tempting cottage 
The caldera from 1,000 metres 
View from Los Brecitos
When not hiking, we had the usual run of boat maintenance jobs to keep us busy, plus swimming, socialising and plenty of reading. Even more than Gomera, La Palma has high proportion of Germans, which is also reflected in the boats at Tazacorte Marina. A simple visit to the dentist (for which I had duly prepared the Spanish phrase for 'I have a broken molar') turned out to be a German situation - the practice consisting of 6 German dentists. Anyway, a good job done, at reasonable cost.

Our boon companions here have been the Roede Orms, a family of four on our size of vessel, the Sophies, both on one-year sabbaticals, and the Men Goes, long-term cruisers with a cat and dog (Spanish water dog) aboard. The hound, seemingly, has no problem holding its bladder for 24 hours at a stretch. Pretty ideal sea dog.

Tomorrow we plan to depart for Las Palmas.

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