Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Onwards to Lindesnes

We departed the morning after the festival and stopped at an amazingly cute place, Korshamn, with picture-perfect colourful cottages and gardens right by the sound leading to Lindesnes light house. We went for a walk up the hill, gorging on blueberries along the way, when we spotted an even cuter place on the next island: Seloyhamn. We decided we had to go there – a secluded harbour lagoon fringed with well-kept wooden cottages and some ruins on the hills. We later found that it had been a popular stopover for kings waiting for fair weather to round Lindesnes; not less than 11 had visited, including the current one.

We made fast to a private jetty after checking with the neighbours that it was all right. The neighbour turned out to be the daughter of the last permanent resident of the island, who lived there until 1996. Formerly a community of some 80 souls, it couldn’t survive the modern age and now all are holiday homes. We were out for a ramble around the island when it started to rain rather heavily and we returned to the vessel. The kindly man from next door said to us: ‘I think it will not rain very much.’ Looking back on this remark provided a comical note as were marvelled at the intensity of the ensuing thunderstorm from the snug haven of our cabin.

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