Saturday, 19 July 2008

Settling in nicely

We've been busy washing and drying most of our gear, and had our sails drying in the garden during one of the rare sunny days recently. We've also had time to finish the processing of our Azorean coffee, and just had a cafetiere of it with breakfast - delicious!

Yesterday evening was the first time in quite some time that we've gone out for just a wee leisure sail, with no particular destination, and it was lovely. We zoomed back and forth across the Forth at 6 knots, watching the seals, sea birds and a fine rainbow. Superb scenery begins right outside the harbour. We are definitely happy that we've made the decision to keep the boat close by rather than somewhere on the west coast.

On Sunday, we plan to continue the exploration of our home waters - maybe making it out to the Isle of May, a bird sanctuary off the Fife coast. Plenty of daysailing opportunities. And we'll have to practice drying out against harbour walls (no boozing reference intended), since most of the harbours around here dry at low water.


Marc said...

Sounds like a great way to spend your weekends...could you elaborate some on drying out on harbour walls?

sailfettler said...

Basically, the trick is to get the boat to lean slightly against the wall as the tide runs out and leaves her resting on the bottom. In addition to the usual docklines, lines are added to hold the bow up and the mast in. Often a bucket of chain, or seawater, is placed on the shoreward side of the deck to tip the balance as she touches down.

Paul said...

Congratulations to both of you Jim and Sonja on a great trip - very impressive!! Here, across the pond, due to a number of circumstances beyond my control, I have only just got my boat in the water after a gruelling hull prep day in 90 degree heat (I also lost most of my water which I had brought with me as the jug tipped over and leaked out in my truck). Still, a couple of days ago I spent the night on the boat getting things ready and I am looking forward to the rest of the season - good luck in Scotland. Paul.